Meet the 2020 ICCMCC Teams

The ICCMCC Organizing Office is looking forward to (virtually) meeting this year’s teams! Send us a testimonial about your team’s experience in the 2020 ICCMCC and let us get to know you! 

Beijing Normal University, China: The members of BNU team were relatively restrained when they first met, and as time went on, the members became more and more aware of each other. In the process of preparing for the competition, the coaches showed great patience and care for the new members. From legal retrieval to memorandum writing, their joint efforts with the new members were the most impressive. On the last night of submitting the memorandum, every member was repeatedly proofreading the content. We cooperated with each other, and finally worked together to present a relatively satisfactory answer. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia, our members still prepared for the ICCMCC. Although the international round has been canceled, it is still an unforgettable and meaningful memory as we gained not only the professional knowledge of international criminal law but the sincere teammate friendship.

Singapore Management University, Singapore: Hello all from sunny Singapore! We hope everyone is healthy and safe! It’s unfortunate that we will not be able to meet this year – we were looking forward to meeting new personalities and making friends from all over the world.

The past few months have been an enriching experience for us. We’ve bonded over a love of poppadum, coffee, matcha latte and geeky tech, becoming fast friends. At the end of the day, we’re grateful for the learning opportunity and look forward to a get-together after the pandemic to celebrate our efforts! 😋

National University of Management, Cambodia: As classmates, we’ve known each other before the competition; yet working as a team helps bond our friendship even tighter. Having struggled tons of matters, commitment is our core value, and as a team, we never leave anyone behind. During the preparation for the competition, we shared lots of things together even as complicated as the case law we found or as simple as the movie we watched. Currently, we are not allowed to meet physically, however; we still keep checking on each other virtually because we have so many things to share. The memories of getting through ICCMCC 2020 make us not only friends but also considered as relatives.

University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Who could say that constant and inexaustible research can be joyful and quite fun? Writing a memo is full of stress, nervousness and tension, but in those circumstances our team really bonded and we got to know each other much better. Even though the competition is cancelled, we still have a reward. Thanks to this competition we have learned that a real success will be achieved only if the whole team works as one. Thank you ICC MCC!

PS: and nothing of that would be possible without liters of coffee…

For an extra peak into the team’s cooperation, watch their video here.

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg: This year’s ICC Moot Court competition was particularly challenging. It gave us the chance to grow not only as students but also as persons. We became members of a multicultural ‘family’, which celebrated the submission of the memorials with a remote ‘quiz-night’ and continues to keep in contact for presentation skill training and to support each other during the quarantine. If we can describe in one word this experience, it should be ‘cooperation’: we cooperated, as we hope humanity will cooperate to fight the challenges posed by this crisis! Once member of a team, always member of a team!

The University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa: We are proud to have been part of the ICCMCC 2020. Although the workload was daunting, our combined effort and appreciation for one another’s working styles created a bond amongst the three of us that made it thrilling to get up and work together. The day we sent through our Memorials, our university announced its closure, and we haven’t been back since. We still keep in touch over online morning yoga sessions together and frequent calls. While we were disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to experience oral rounds at The Hague, we appreciate having learnt so much about legal thinking and writing, as well as about life from this experience.

Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba BrazilAs non-native speakers, sometimes it is challenging to get back on track and effectively practice English. So, to start off, we decided to do an exercise. In this exercise, we were sorted out in duos and had 5 min to hear/share a personal story of a challenge faced in life. Then, another 5 min would be given to you/your partner for telling the story of the other in the first person to the rest of the group. It was an interesting and immersive experience, in which we had to be fully present in order to do justice with the other’s story when telling it to the rest of the group. As a result, we spent hours talking about personal stories, challenges and getting to know each other. This exercise laid the foundations to our next months of studying, training and eventually adapting to a “new normal”. Unexpected situations can be disappointing, but we did not cease to feel proud of being able to participate and to be a part of this experience.

Leiden University, the Netherlands: In September, we were just a handful of individuals who all happened to study at Leiden University. Little did we know that six months later, we’d transform in a real team. One that worked hard, showed dedication and became united by passion. Our experience has been a roller-coaster of emotions but along the ride, we had a lot of fun. Room 2.72 became our property and Albert Heijn our best friend. As the picture shows even Covid-19 couldn’t stop us from practicing. In the end, we’re only separated in distance but never in heart!

Christ University, Bangalore India: Presented with the opportunity to participate in such a competition, our team realized that this deserved nothing but each of us putting our best foot forward, which translated into qualifying for the International Rounds. Assisted by a wonderful support system, we constantly pushed and challenged each other, which broadened our understanding of the subject and the problem. Tagging each other in documents, exchanging emails throughout the night and video calls debating whose internet was faulty were how we spent the weeks leading to memo submission. Combined with college assignments, fear of the virus and our self-doubts, it was midnight coffee, brownie runs and homemade comfort food that proved to be our secret weapons and pushed us across the finish line.

Tartu University, Estonia: the team members did not know each other
prior to the day they officially met, and from the very first moment it was clear that each member would contribute due to his-her own personality. Chocolate, coffee and sense of humour were the essential ingredients for the meetings and a very nice memory comes from the day they met to organize the memorandums, ordered pizza and took a group picture locating the phone on the highest point of the room to catch the whole atmosphere. They have demonstrated themselves that with determination, perseverance and team-work unexpected results can be achieved!