Registration for Judges & Evaluators Open!

The IBA ICCMCC Organizing Office welcomes applications for the roles of Evaluator and Judge in the 2024 Competition.

Direct application via our digital form. 

The Role of the Evaluator
Evaluators become part of the International Panel of Evaluation (IPE). They are tasked with grading three (3) memorials (written pleadings) remotely between 1 April and 1 May. To aid in grading the memorials, the evaluators receive: (i) the case; (ii) grading guide; (iii) Bench Memo; and (iv) scoresheets. All exchanges will be made via email; therefore the memorials can be graded from anywhere in the world. The IPE is composed of qualified persons nominated by teams (each team must nominate two IPE members) and of persons directly invited to act as evaluators by the Organization and its partners.

Do you have further questions on being an Evaluator? Read our FAQ for Evaluators or contact us at

The Role of the Judge
Judges serve as members of a panel during the Oral Round of the Competition. Most panels have three judges. During the 2-hour session, judges assess the validity of the participants’ arguments, the persuasiveness of their presentation, their poise and advocacy skills, and the thoroughness of their preparation. The Organization shall invite duly qualified persons to act as members of the Judging panels during the Preliminary, Quarter-final and Semi-final Rounds.

Do you have further questions on being a Judge? Read our FAQ for Judges or contact us at