Information on registration as an Evaluator and/or Judge for the 2024 edition will be shared in due course

The Role of the Evaluator
As an Evaluator, you will become part of the International Panel of Evaluation. You will be tasked with grading 3 (three) memorials (written pleadings) remotely between March and April/May. Together with the case and the memorials, you will receive the Evaluator’s package which will support you in the assessment of the memorials. All exchanges will be made via email, thus you can grade the memorials from anywhere in the world.

The Role of the Judge
As a Judge, you will be serving as a member of a panel during the Oral Round of the Competition.  Most panels have three judges. During the 2-hour session, you must assess the validity of the participants’ arguments, the persuasiveness of their presentation, their poise and advocacy skills, and the thoroughness of their preparation. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to offer any financial support to judges travelling to The Hague. 


Are you interested in more information on the roles of ICCMCC Evaluator and/or Judge? Watch Prof. Michael Scharf’s video!

Curios who participates in the IBAICCMCC as an Evaluator or a Judge? The complete list of Judges and Evaluators in the 2023 edition can be found here.


Do not hesitate to contact us at, should you have any questions or concerns.