Online Coaches for ICCMCC ’17

We are delighted to let you know that we found a number of former ICCMCC participants, who are now legal professionals, to assist teams participating in the ICCMCC 2017 as an ‘online coach’.

The Organization noticed that teams participating in the Competition without the aid of a coach had a certain disadvantage, as they lacked someone who could explain to them the basics of doing research, writing a memorial, or helping them improving their oral skills. We are therefore very grateful that these ICCMCC alumni are willing to make sure all participants will have a fair chance to win this Competition. The online coaches will assist the teams, on a voluntary basis, during their preparations by, for example, email, Skype, and Facebook. For this reason, coach and team do not have to be nationals from the same country!

Teams registering for the 2017 Competition, without coaches, will be able to request the help of an online coach on the registration form.