News Alert: 2022 IBA ICCMCC

We are extremely happy to welcome you to the 2022 edition of the IBA ICCMCC. Preparations are in full swing and teams may already submit their registration .

In light of continuing uncertainty and the disparate situations in the many different countries, including ongoing health concerns, limitations on international travel, and local/national safety measures, the Organizing Office together with the Board of Advisors of the IBA ICCMCC have decided to hold the 2022 IBA ICCMCC International Round online between 8 and 29 May 2022 via Zoom.

We are delighted to take this opportunity to release the 2022 IBA ICCMCC Rules of Procedure, the Calendar of the 2022 Edition, and the 2022 IBA ICCMCC Case: Prosecutor v. Agon Megor of The Republic of Ibbin

We have no doubt that with your help, the 2022 edition will be a success!