The 2023 IBA ICCMCC is returning to The Hague!

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 IBA ICCMCC will return to its in-person format after two years of virtual pleadings and events. The Competition will take place between 2 and 9 June 2023, at Leiden University Campus The Hague – Wijnhaven building, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Registration for the 2023 edition is now open and we look forward to welcoming students from around the world for a full week of oral hearings, academic events, networking events, and much more.


All educational institutions offering a degree, or similar graduate or postgraduate qualification or training, in law or in a field related to international law, or in international relations, are eligible to participate in the Competition. Each institution may enter one team, regardless of the number of colleges, departments, faculties, or schools within that institution, and the team may include students from one or more of its colleges, departments, faculties, or schools.

Each team shall be comprised of three (3) speakers. Additionally, the team may include two (2) researchers and two (2) coaches: one Leading Coach and one Assistant Coach. The amount of team representatives may never exceed seven (7) at any moment in the Competition.

The full 2023 Rules of Procedure followed throughout the Competition can be found here.

A calendar overview of deadlines is now available on our website as well.

Register your team now and represent your university internationally.