Looking Back: 11th Edition of the IBA ICCMCC

With two weeks having passed since the final round of our Competition at the International Criminal Court, we would like to look back at the amazing achievements of our participants.

The night before the final, our teams, judges, bench clerks and organizing office gathered at Leiden University’s auditorium. We were all there to hear who moved on to the final, and who the winners of our awards were…

Memorial Awards – Our teams submitted memorials for three roles: Defense, Prosecution and Victims’ Counsel. Each memorial was reviewed and graded by two or three evaluators. They determined that the winners for best memorial for each role were:

1. Best Defense Counsel Memorial: University of St. Gallen
2. Best Prosecution Memorial: Maastricht University
3. Best Victims’ Counsel Memorial: Singapore Management University

Speaker Awards – Each team plead a total of 6 times, twice per role, in front of three or four judges during our oral rounds. Our judges determined that the best speakers for each role were the following:

1. Best Defense Counsel Speaker: Zhi Cheng Kwa (National University of Singapore)
2. Ben Ferencz Award for the Best Prosecution Speaker: Síona Molony (The Honorable Society of King’s Inns)
3. Best Victims’ Counsel Speaker: Joshua Exequiel Cabrera (University of the Philippines)

Regional Awards – For our 2024 edition, we welcomed 88 teams for our oral rounds! The best teams per region were:

1. Africa: Strathmore University (Kenya)
2. Asia: Singapore Management University (Singapore)
3. Europe: Maastricht University (Netherlands)
4. Americas & Oceania: University of Miami (United States)

Best Newcomer Team – This year we welcomed eleven new teams for the very first time to our Competition! A huge thank you for joining us, we hope to see you again in future editions. The award for best newcomer team went to:

University of Milan (Italy)

As we close this chapter, we celebrate not just the winners but all participants who have contributed to the IBA ICCMCC. Your hard work and passion have made this year’s Competition a success. We look forward to the next edition, where we will continue to challenge and celebrate the bright young minds in international criminal law!

A full list of winners and runner ups can be found in our updated booklet here.